Granite Mountain Archers offers five 3D shoots a year with three courses of 15 targets ranging in size and difficulty, no course is the same. 

Whether you are shooting a compound bow, traditionally, or have little ones shooting along with you, each course is marked with indicators for your shooting class.

During our off season, our range has one 3D course set up with 14 targets, a practice field that consists of 16 targets ranging from 10-80 yards and a sand pit for broadheads at 50 yards.

2021 3D Shoot Schedule

Silver Arrow : April 24&25

Mile High: May 15&16

GMA : June 12&13

Outlaw : July 10&11

Big Game : August 14&15

**Shoot start time 6 am Saturday until dark, and Sunday 6 am until 12 pm.

Score cards must be turned in by 1 pm on Sunday to be eligible for prizes.

Shoot Pricing

Family: $45 

Senior: $25 (Age 55 and Over)

Adult:   $30 (Age 18 and Over)

Youth:  $15 (Age 14-17)

Cub:     $10 (age 10-13)

PeeWee:  Free (Age 9 and Under)


Open to the Public

March 1-March 31:  Sundays only 1 pm-6 pm

April 1-August 31:    Thursdays 4 pm-Dusk

                       Sundays: 1 pm-6 pm

Range Fees:     Thursday: $2  (3D course: $1 more)

                          Sunday:   $4  (3D course: $1 more)