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Join the Club!

2024 Annual Meeting

Saturday January 27th, 10:00AM

at Granite Mountain Archery Range

Annual memberships for the Granite Mountain Archers Club run from January 1st to January 1st. There are multiple opportunities to become a member of Granite Mountain Archers:

  1. New members are accepted during our annual meeting in February

  2. After the work parties held each spring prior to the shooting season

  3. At the club meetings held after The Silver Arrow Shoot and The Mile High Shoot


Applications are available at each of these events. You must be present at one of the meetings to be accepted for membership.

Membership applications submitted after May 19, 2024 will be offered an Elite Membership only, at the $210 rate.

Corporate membership $1,000.00

Working Member Duties

$40.00 Individual

$55.00 Family

Range Duty x 1

Target Duty x 1

Work Party x 1

Set up and Tear down Shoot x 1

Non-working Member Duties


Individual and Family

Range Duty x 1

Elite Memberhip


Individual and Family

No Duties

ERAU Students


Range Duty x 1

Target Duty x 1

Work Party x 1

Set up and Tear down Shoot x 1

Lifetime/Honorary Member

Registration Duty x 1

Rules for working members

  • You must complete all requirements to maintain $40.00 membership.

  • If you fail to comply-the next years dues are automatically $110.00 and completion of the requirements for working members.

  • You may reapply the third year as a $40.00 working member.

  • You must have your time-worked documented in order to be counted.

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