Welcome to Granite Mountain Archers

Granite Mountain Archery Range is located at 3755 Willow Cr Road Prescott, Arizona. The range sits on approximately 64 acres and the terrain on the range offers uphill, downhill, and level shooting.

The range has a complete kitchen and a play area for the archers of the future. Our practice range provides marked yardages from 10 feet to 80 yards, at 5 yard intervals. Paper tuning frame and a chronograph.


We currently hold five shoots during the year. The Silver Arrow in April, The Mile High in May, GMA in June, The Outlaw in July, and the Big Game Shoot in August. 


GMA is a working club, working members' duties include, but are not limited to, range monitoring, tournament setup, club meetings, target upkeep, and work parties. work hard to setup and teardown the 3D shoots, maintain and improve the range.

We recognize that some folks do not have the opportunity to work on the range. For those folks we offer a membership that allows access to the range, but at an increased dues schedule. 

Our club is affiliated with the National Field Archery Association, the Arizona Bowhunters & Field Archery Association and affiliated clubs throughout Arizona. This affiliation provides members with a network of archery contacts and shoots held though-out the State.

Open to the Public

March 1-March 31: Sundays only 1pm-6pm

April 1-August 31: Thursdays 4pm-Dusk
                           Sundays: 1pm-6pm

Range Fees:
Thursday: $2  (3D course: $1 more)

 Sunday:   $4  (3D course: $1 more)

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Granite Mountain Archers “is to join together, in good fellowship, dedicated archers of the quad city area who are interested in competitive archery and bow hunting, and who are enthusiastic in their support of organized archery.” Further, the Club is interested in promoting archery to all people that have an interest in joining the fraternity of archers. Our members have a tremendous knowledge base and skill level to help beginning archers become “dedicated archers” for recreation, competition or hunting.